Haringey Council leaves confidential files abandoned – again

Confidential files left insecure by Haringey CouncilThey may say that lightning never strikes twice, but when it comes to Haringey Council and stuffing up – one often wishes they could never make the same mistake twice!

It was bad enough when the news broke that Haringey Council had left files containing personal data on thousands people abandoned in a building (see my blog posting or watch the news report).

And then – after being told about it and saying they’d secured all the files – it turned out there were yet more files still left behind in the building.

After all that, Haringey Council promised that it had re-checked all council property for any other files that might have been abandoned.

Well – clearly they didn’t check very carefully because it’s now turned out that other files containing confidential information about people have been left insecure for over a year in a different building, despite the Labour-run council being repeatedly told about the problem.

It was only when Robert Gorrie (leader of the Liberal Democrats on Haringey Council) personally wrote to the council’s Chief Executive that something was done.

Dreadful, truly dreadful.

0 thoughts on “Haringey Council leaves confidential files abandoned – again

  1. Does this come within the Information Commissioner’s jurisdiction? I thought that paper records had recently been added to his portfolio.