Liberal Democrats say no to Labour's local 'cash for honours' scheme

Local Liberal Democrats have reacted with incredulity at Labour councillor Sheila Peacock’s suggestion to raise money for the mayor’s charity by selling the honour of the Freedom of the Borough for £100.

At last night’s Council Annual General Meeting when nominating Labour’s mayoral candidate, Cllr Peacock said in return “for £100 and tea with the Mayor” residents could be given the honour.

Cllr Robert Gorrie, Liberal Democrat Leader, comments:

“The mere suggestion that one of the highest honours Haringey Council can award our residents could be open to this sort of car boot sale is shocking.

“Not only does this tarnish the honour for those who have already been awarded the freedom of the borough but brings with it an unfortunate suggestion of sleaze.”

Cllr Richard Wilson, Lib Dem Deputy Leader, adds:

“Labour are not strangers to ‘cash for honours’ scandals but they should not bring these to Haringey – we completely reject any idea of selling off these honours.

“The mayor’s charity work is very important but this is not the way to go about raising money.”