Liberal Democrat reaction to Labour AGM

Local Liberal Democrats have responded with incredulity at the results of the Labour Annual General Meeting. The calamitous Cllr Dhiren Basu has been reappointed Cabinet Member for Leisure, Culture and Lifelong Learning.

Under Cllr Basu’s period in post, Haringey Council spent millions of pounds on the disastrous Haringey Council computer upgrade (Tech Refresh) in 2005 and more recently he was in charge of the unilateral withdrawal of leisure passes for older people without consulting anyone – he only back-tracked on the decision following an outcry from residents, Liberal Democrats and even some of his fellow Labour Councillors.

Cllr David Winskill, Lib Dem Spokesperson on Leisure, Culture and Lifelong Learning, comments:

“It really is incredible and one wonders what one has to do to get sacked by Haringey Labour. Thirteen million pounds overspent on Tech refresh, ignoring our elders on the leisure passes and slashing the Parks Police budget, it seems wholly irresponsible for Labour to put him in charge – no wonder Haringey are having to sell advertising in parks to make the books balance.”

Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Cllr Richard Wilson adds:

“This speaks volumes about Haringey Labour – incompetence is rewarded and no-one takes responsibility for failure.

“The reappointment of Cllr Basu is yet another slap in the face for residents who care about their parks, libraries and leisure centres.”