Post Offices to close

After all the consultations, it has now announced the Weston Park, Ferme Park Road, Salisbury Road, Alexandra Park Road and Highgate Village Post Offices will all close. This is outrageous. The government promised it would listen after its drumming in the recent elections, but it is has proved itself completely deaf to the pleas from thousands of local residents and community activists. If Labour was listening, Labour would have stepped in and acted. The message from we the people was clear: we do not want these closures.

0 thoughts on “Post Offices to close

  1. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting! Who would have thought that a Labour Govt, would close and cripple just the very basic of needs and services, that are vital to a local community. Shameful!

  2. What is Labour doing? Beyond the obvious fact that they cannot win elections governing this way, what is the purpose of all these closures all at once?Brown is a moron, and his #2 Alistair Darling, is even more of an imbecile.

  3. Watch out for and support the lady who has won the right to judicial review of the decision by govt to remove the duty on the Post Office to provide facilities for the disabled. (Had to repeat this: got a strange error)