Crewe & Nantwich by-election: are the rules wrong?

Well – I don’t think much of polling day in the Crewe by-election being called for 22 May. In an era when we are supposed to be engaging people in the political process it would seem that Labour have called it as quickly as is allowed using the antiquated rules on these matters. Of course this gives the advantage to the incumbant’s Party – so Labour are simply using what’s available. But that’s no reason to say the rules shouldn’t be changed. If you’re talking about listening and learning – well here’s a chance: change the rules so that all Parliamentary by-election campaigns have to be of a decent length, giving voters a chance to really find out about the choices on offer.

That having been said we took two seats off Labour in the elections last week – and the Labour leader of the council lost his seat – so we will work hard as usual – and as everyone knows – we are the by-election experts! Elizabeth Shenton is our champion this time – and best of luck to her and the team!

0 thoughts on “Crewe & Nantwich by-election: are the rules wrong?

  1. Lynne, you may not think much of the way in which Labour have used the rules to call the by election for 22nd May. As I have said in my blog, I don’t think much of the way Cowley Street has interfered/parachuted in a new candidate. I guess life isn’t fair after all!

  2. Well – I’ve looked at your blog and I can’t see what the reliable evidence is for your claims?It’s not the first time – and I doubt the last! – that a previous candidate hasn’t ended up as our by-election candidate.We’ve always had special rules for Parliamentary by-elections – and for good reason too given the extra pressures. From what I see they have been followed this time. If you have a system not everyone is always going to get through it – but that doesn’t mean they have been conspired against.

  3. How about changing the rules so that the by-election would be in a fixed period after the seat becomes vacant?

  4. You might have taken two seats from labour last week Lynne but as you only took 19% of the vote in the constituency, to Labour’s 29% and the Conservative’s 45% it’s an uphill struggle, and I think if my figures are correct that under your new leader you were, nationally, a percentage point behind what good old Sir Ming achieved the year before, not really much to crow about really.