The London results

I woke up this morning hoping that Boris winning was just a bad dream – but sadly – it really happened. His acceptance speech though was very gracious – I would advise keeping that speechwriter standing just behind him at all times! Much as I have enjoyed Boris on TV shows I didn’t want him as Mayor of London. Didn’t want Ken either. However, the people have spoken and now the opportunity belongs to Boris and I hope desperately that he doesn’t bugger up all the good things that have happened in London since the GLA was created and that he does seek to re-unite this city.

Anyway – my poor Brian got hideously squeezed – and the knock on for my Assembly colleagues was a loss of two seats on the Assembly. As for the revolting result of a BNP member being elected despite a good turn out – that turns my stomach. Don’t know how colleagues will manage to deal with that every day!

We should get the ward results and therefore constituency results in due course – and I expect that in Hornsey & Wood Green the Lib Dem vote held up very well as overall Monica Whyte, our Enfield and Haringey candidate, polled more votes than last time and on percentage vote share changes had the best relative Liberal Democrat performance in London too (I think).

It was a huge surprise (seemingly to her as well) that Joanne McCartney held the Enfield and Haringey London Assembly seat for Labour. The Tories thought it was in the bag – but it wasn’t. Shades of the 2004 election where again Labour pulled off a surprise victory in the seat despite very high Conservative confidence that they would take it.

And together with the gain of the Tory seat of Brent and Harrow – the Labour Assembly members did not do as badly as expected on a night when Labour nationally had disastrous results in the local elections and when Ken lost. A bit of a silver lining for them there.

So – off we go – finding our way around a changed political map of London with a Mayor who may garner affection – but can he run London? We will see.

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  1. It’s a shame Brian Paddick didn’t get more votes. Mmmmm unfortunately, me thinks that homophobia is still alive and well in London.

  2. The reason Brian and indeed Ken didnt get more votes, was due to the stupidity, foolishness and immaturity with which the people of this city- viewed both the Mayoralty and this campaign.How that baffoon won the election, I shall never know. Never in my life- and i remember the good old days, with the GLC, have I seen, such a right-winger be taken seriously by the voters of london.Shame on the lot of you! Mark my words, give it 6 months- after a string of cock-ups Boris Johnson, will be forced to resign, and the people of this city, will be begging to have Ken back! Begging!

  3. The appointment of a BNP member to the London Assembly can only be described as deplorable, especially with their history of bigotry towards people of all ethnic, faith and LGBT communities. It is a tragic day for London and certainly a tragic day for this country.

  4. Did you read the article in the Harringey Advertiser this week?Why is SPORTSDIRECT in Harringey selling T-Shirts in the Junior section which read “LIVE LAST, DIE YOUNG” ? Leon Yianni