Gordon Brown plays true to type

And so, Gordon’s answer to the 10p tax rate rebellion is … to announce a review that’ll report in a few months time.

It seems that has been his answer to most major problems over the last decade and more – set up a review, put off a decision. As I wrote just before he became Prime Minister:

On far too many [issues] – such as pensions, the NHS and climate change – his response has been to set up long-term commissions under outsiders to tell him what to do. We have all had to suffer from lack of action whilst he has inched towards a conclusion.

Now, I’m no objector to careful consideration of issues, getting in advice, or preparing the ground carefully – but reviews need to be a means to making an effective, timely decision – and not a means to prevaricate. This slow moving, hugely cautious approach could – like his shying away from public leadership – be caught out very badly if he is in Number 10.

It looks like Gordon Brown is staying true to type!