Local councillor demands new conservation area in Muswell Hill

Additional conservation areas are needed urgently to protect more of the distinctive and historical styles in Muswell Hill, says local Liberal Democrats, particularly now under the Government’s less rigorous planning guidelines and the pressures being put on councils to create more housing.

Concerned by the threat of inappropriate commercial developments, Liberal Democrat councillor Jonathan Bloch has joined with local residents to demand that a conservation area should be declared to cover an area attracting increasing attention from developers.This would cover Cranley Gardens (as far as its junction with Connaught Gardens), Connaught Gardens, Onslow Gardens, Woodland Gardens, Woodland Rise and Muswell Hill Road (from the top of Cranley Gardens as far as the woods on each side), to ensure that any new developments preserve and enhance the local area.

The area was developed mainly in the late 19th/earlier 20th century at the same time as most of Muswell Hill, and as such is part of a historically cohesive suburb. The substantial late Victorian and Edwardian houses are typical of the suburb as a whole, and retain their original character. All these roads are visually cohesive in terms of building design and materials, and are attractive streetscapes.

Cllr Jonathan Bloch (Muswell Hill) comments:

“Muswell Hill is a unique place and Haringey Council needs to do all in its power to preserve this area.

“I have been appalled at some of the developments that have taken place in recent years and these have detracted from the overall environment in Muswell Hill. New developments recently proposed, including the planned demolition of a period house in Connaught Gardens and its replacement with a totally alien modern structure. This matter needs new urgency.”