Wasteful Council turns a blind eye to £6.4 million

Information revealing Haringey Council’s write-off of £6.4 million in Council Tax will hit local pockets hard, say local Liberal Democrats. Haringey easily tops the list of London councils, which was revealed in an answer to a Parliamentary Question last week.

Cllr Neil Williams, Liberal Democrat leader, comments:

“I am shocked that Haringey Council can just say goodbye to such a large amount of money. Local residents will find this hard to swallow. They have faced massive rises in their Council Tax bills under Labour, and pay some of the highest Council Taxes anywhere.

“Time after time, Haringey Council blames a tight budget for their swingeing increases in people’s Council Tax, rising charges, and cuts in services – but all along their failure to collect the taxes has hit those most in need.”

Cllr Richard Wilson, Lib Dem Deputy Leader, adds:

“Little over a month ago Haringey Council was robbing older people of their leisure facilities, increasing charges for cremations and raising Council Tax to a figure that is one of the highest in London – they should be ashamed of this and apologise to the people of Haringey.”