Wood Green Animal Shelter – and a very cute kitten

Lynne Featherstone with kittenWent to the opening of the revamped Wood Green Animal Shelter in Lordship Lane today. Having visited a little while back – before the renovations – it was just fantastic today to see how vastly improved the new facilities are – no comparison.

Before it was miraculous that the very committed staff could even work in the cramped conditions. The building hadn’t been touched since the early seventies.

Now – there is a beautiful reception area, consulting room, proper operating and prep rooms, X-ray room, hospital cages for the sick animals and outside in addition to the existing out buildings for cats a new homing facility. It was a joy to see.

It’s just a wonderful thing for us to have in Wood Green so that people who love their pets can take them to a vet when they are sick without the worry of the disgusting amounts that private vets now charge. Here it is really a donation / nominal fee.

The service Wood Green Animal Shelter provides has always been exemplary and fantastic – mostly due to the dedication and commitment of the staff and the organisation. Now they finally have the facilities to match the service.

A special treat for me was getting to hold a kitten that one of the cats for rehoming had given birth to. There were four just beautiful little kittens and I held the greyish tabby – and desperately wanted to take him home with me. There’s nothing to match a kitten for pure adorability!

0 thoughts on “Wood Green Animal Shelter – and a very cute kitten

  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww THAT SWEET KITTY, you should have kissed him/her on the head…..awwww so sweet, I want to hold the kitten…. I am going down there to get one 🙂

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