Liberal Democrats call for suspension of health plans to allow residents to give views

Haringey Lib Dems have called on Haringey NHS bosses to come clean on their plans for relocating GPs – and let local people have a real say.

Liberal Democrats on Haringey Council’s Scrutiny Committee argued on Monday night that the Primary Care Trust’s strategy was too vague on plans for when GPs move into new polyclinics.

The proposals, which include the provision of minor surgery and emergency facilities at polyclinics, were debated at a meeting of the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee (OSC) on Monday evening. Liberal Democrat Councillor David Winskill said the proposals were ‘vague and uncertain’, particularly plans to radically change GP coverage in the borough.

Liberal Democrats have asked Haringey Primary Care Trust (PCT) to suspend the timetable of the adoption of their ten year strategy and come back with more detailed plans to allow for further public consultation.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Martin Newton comments:

“We have no real idea what the criteria will be to decide which surgeries will remain and which will be relocated – never mind what the actual changes will be.”

Liberal Democrat Councillor David Winskill adds:

“The report is basically a work in progress. Both political parties agree that, like the Post Office, the GP network is too precious to be tampered with without informed input from residents. I have suggested that the Council should hold a health scrutiny review to give residents a choice.”

Liberal Democrat Adult Social Services Spokesperson Cllr Richard Wilson adds:

“Haringey Liberal Democrats will continue to press for the PCT to respond to and take account of residents’ worries about access and continuity of care that GPs provide.”