Haringey Liberal Democrats lay foundation for Post Office rescue plan

Haringey Liberal Democrats have secured an emergency life-line for local Post Offices threatened with closure. At Monday’s Full Council meeting, the Liberal Democrats pushed through a firm plan of action to urgently investigate what support Haringey Council could offer if the Post Office ignores local residents’ pleas to keep vital services open.

Cllr Neil Williams comments:

“It is disappointing that Haringey Labour used its majority to water down our rescue plan. Nevertheless, we were successful in getting Haringey Council to commit to action. If we sit on our hands and wait for the axe to fall, when it comes to act it could be too late.”

Lynne Featherstone MP adds:

“Hopefully the government will listen to the huge opposition against these plans. And if that fails, thankfully local Liberal Democrats have started the fight to put an insurance policy in place if the worst comes to the worse.”