Haringey's sporting talent

Lynne Featherstone with the V20 coaches and coacheesHaving had V20 (volunteering for young people) come to see my at Parliament – I went to visit some of their volunteers in Haringey this weekend (see bigger picture here).

In this instance – it was sports coaches who devote themselves to Friday night coaching younger children to run at the White Hart Lane Community Sports Centre. How fantastic they are! Loads of kids also turned up – as they do each week.

For the coaches – who are all young and have come through the system themselves – it means they not only can give something back in return, but also it helps open up future coaching and similar careers from themselves too. As for those receiving the coaching – they receive great coaching to help their own sporting prowess.

We have loads of talent in Haringey – and it was good to see it being encouraged!

0 thoughts on “Haringey's sporting talent

  1. I’ve heard of V & V20 and it is all a Labour ‘young people’ initiative, which will exist one minute and disappear tommorow type scheme. These schemes are a waste of resources & money and should be money used to better resource grassroot voluntary organisations, working with ordinary people. Perhaps Lynne you should research the type of young people involved in V & their background, then you will notice that they don’t actually reach the ‘hard to reach’. How depressing!

  2. From what I have seen of V20 so far – certainly the young people I have met are benefitting and in turn benefitting those they are volunteering for. If you know more – it would be useful if you would email me more detail at featherstonel@parliament.uk I agree that grassroots volunteer organisations do fantastic work and need resourcing – and I visit those too!