Boris Johnson does a runner

Thursday saw a topical debate on policing in London in Parliament. I took the opportunity to raise with the Minister about the need to station Safer Neighbourhood teams in their own ward – i.e. Highgate!

Of wider note was the brief appearance of the Conservative candidate for Mayor of London – Boris Johnson. Mr Johnson has famously only mentioned London once in his entire lifetime at Parliament prior to his current and somewhat sudden interest in being our Mayor.

So – a debate on what the very heart of Londoners are concerned about – you would have thought he would be there paying rapt attention. None of it. After his ‘contribution’ he left!

0 thoughts on “Boris Johnson does a runner

  1. Dont tell me the surprises you, Lynne? The man is a loony, who will- well and truly ruin our great city, if by some worrying chance he became Mayor.Yes Ken may not be the best, but christ almighty, im sure you will agree- Boris Johnson would be even WORSE!London would become a joke- why doesnt Boris Johnson stick to his jokes, and leave governing London, to people who have a little experience and credibility. Whether it be Ken or Brian Paddick!ANYONE BUT BORIS’bloody’JOHNSON!!!