Are we making the most of blogging?

That’s the question I posed to fellow Liberal Democrats over on Lib Dem Voice yesterday:

So why is it that it is so rare for my stories to be picked up and spread online, even when they are newsworthy enough for mainstream journalists to be picking them up and running with them?

Perhaps you think it’s because of something I don’t get right with my blog – but the same question applies to all the Liberal Democrat blogs I’ve seen. Despite the impressive and growing range of Liberal Democrat blogs – it seems very rare for a story to be picked up and spread.

Read the full piece here.

0 thoughts on “Are we making the most of blogging?

  1. Its a Lib Dem thing: local action at a time when PostNuLab plays divide and rule that NuLab pioneered. Shadow Cabinet should hit the web as Shadow Cabinet to get noticed. But some of the Labour people are not making a mark, either – for example, it was only a couple of days ago that I found Tom Harris’s blog (Rail Minister) and it was just not about his Ministerial work (maybe Tom isn’t into his job any more, leaving Aunty Ruth and the Chancellor to carry the can for FGW out of Paddington as he goes home to Scotland). Now Tom Watson (Cabinet Office Minister for Transformational Govt) is so different: an off the wall mix of personal and hard hitting political.