Labour snubs campaign against Heathrow's expansion

Labour-run Haringey Council has refused to join the campaign against the expansion of Heathrow:

Haringey Council has refused to join a coalition of local authorities opposing an expansion at Heathrow.

In the last two weeks, neighbouring boroughs Islington and Camden have both signed up to the 2M Group, or Two million voices against Heathrow expansion, alongside nine other London boroughs.

But calls from environmental pressures group for the council to pledge its support have been rejected…

The introduction of a third runway would mean an additional 220,000 flights a year, higher levels of noise pollution and more carbon emissions caused by new flight paths – many of which could fly over the borough.

Janet Boorman, a campaigner from Tottenham and Wood Green Friends of the Earth, said: “The third runway will bring more aircraft over Haringey.

“It will be responsible for more carbon dioxide emissions than the whole of Uganda, with over 25 million people. It’s obscene to be doing this when we desperately need to cut emissions to prevent climate catastrophe”…

Hornsey and Wood Green MP, Lynne Featherstone, who has signed an Early Day Motion in Parliament calling for the for proposed third runway to be scrapped, said: “I cannot believe that Haringey Council has failed to take a position on this vital issue for Haringey’s residents.

“Where other councils across London are taking a strong stance, Haringey Council has yet again shown that it is completely devoid of any environmental credentials.” (Haringey Independent)

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  1. Hi,I’m not sure it’s really so clear cut. The suggestion here is firstly that the appropriate way to restrict aviation is through availability of slots. Given other airports other than Heathrow being around and keen to expand (with airports further and further away keen to serve London), I’m not sure that’s a sensible way to try to try to limit emissions.There’s also the issue that Heathrow today doesn’t properly function with just 2 runways. It causes damage to our economy by causing delays, it turns people off visiting to London and we now hear that it’s endangering people’s lives as well.I’d suggest a 3rd runway, but coupled with the (planned) inclusion of aviation fuel in the carbon emissions targets, with a beefing up of said scheme.Anyways, my Heathrow flight is now ready to depart, so I have to head to my gate.