Rachel wins – and more than doubles the majority

Hurrah! Rachel Allison has won the Highgate ward by-election, with a big swing and a more than doubling of the Liberal Democrat majority:

Rachel Allison (Liberal Democrat) 1,339 (50.9%, +12.6%)
Peter Forrest (Conservative) 725 (27.5%, -1.5%)
David Heath (Labour) 241 (9.2%, -1.3%)
Ralph Crisp (Independent) 190 (7.2%, -4.4%)
Sarah Mitchell (Green) 138 (5.2%, -5.3%)

Liberal Democrat majority: 614 (23.3%, +14.1%)

The figures I’ve given are compared with what the top candidate from each party won in 2006. However, the closest gap last time (between the third Liberal Democrat and the top Conservative) was 242 – so 614 is more like a trebling of the majority, and despite the usual lower turnout in by-elections.

So whatever way you look at it – fantastic result for Rachel and the team! And a great result for the residents of Highgate & Archway as I know Rachel will continue to be a sterling local campaigner – but now with even more opportunities to improve our community courtesy of being a councillor.

UPDATE: The Haringey Independent seems first off the mark with online coverage of the result.

0 thoughts on “Rachel wins – and more than doubles the majority

  1. I see that your Labour rival Karen Jennings has not mentioned the campaign or result anywhere on her website. I don’t know if that is incompetence or a falling out. I hope that you or the Journal tell us the story here.

  2. Congratulations to Rachel! It is great when hard work and a record of achievement bring results like this one. Hopefully this is a taster of things to come for all Lib Dems who have elections to fight this year.