Highgate by-election: Lib Dem champion Rachel Allison has 'Six to Fix'

Liberal Democrat campaigner and by-election candidate Rachel Allison has now written to all Highgate ward residents with her ‘six-to-fix’ – her top priorities for Highgate and Archway.

The energetic Lib Dem candidate from Claremont Road, Highgate, has a proven track record in getting things done in local campaigns. Rachel’s previous campaign successes have included getting the light sequence changed outside Jacksons Lane to allow pedestrians more time to cross the road, moving the border of the Highgate CPZ on Northwood Road, and persuading libraries to donate their used children’s books to St Michael’s school rather than throwing them away.

Along with local Lib Dem councillors Neil Williams (the Lib Dem Leader) and Bob Hare (the Lib Dems’ environment expert) Rachel will:

1.Campaign to protect vital services, such as our Post Offices and Jacksons Lane. The Lib Dems have launched a petition to fight the Government’s closure plans for the High Street post office, and ran a successful campaign to secure vital funding for Jackson’s Lane.

2.Revitalise Highgate’s shopping streets, the Archway Road, and Highgate High Street, making sure the area is tidied up and planning rules are enforced.

3.Protect and tidy up our green spaces, joining Cllrs Williams and Hare in sprucing up small green areas and pocket parks, and fighting dumping, especially in Queen’s Wood.

4.Get more power for Highgate residents, including implementing the Lib Dems’ plans for specific council bosses answerable TO Highgate, IN Highgate – drawn up by Lib Dem Finance chief and Highgate resident Robert Gorrie, who helped build retailer Ocado into a multi-million pound business.

5.Fighting for a permanent police presence in the ward, to make up for the closed police station off the Archway Road.

6.Fighting for local patients, with fairer parking at the Highgate Group Practice – the Council has now made concessions on pay-and-display bays, and more must be done to make charges fairer, says Rachel.

Rachel Allison comments:

“These are my priorities for Highgate – it’s a wonderful area but of course we can work to make it an even better place to live. I’d also like to hear from Highgate residents as well if they have their own ideas for the area. They can write to me at Rachel.Allison@haringeylibdems.org.”