What did I previously think about Brian Paddick?

From my latest column for the Ham & High:

The risk with keeping a public diary (as I do with my blog) is that it means your words are out there, in full public view – and (thanks to search engines, caching and all that malarkey) even still there to be found if I hit delete on my own site.

So – when Brian Paddick, a former Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service, put his name forward to be the Liberal Democrat candidate for London Mayor, I went through two immediate emotions.

Firstly – pleasure, because my experiences of dealing with him whilst he was serving in the police and I was serving on the Metropolitan Policy Authority were very positive.

But secondly – anxiety, because I did wonder whether I’d ever written something critical about him – and if so whether therefore my words would get quoted back at me or Brian for evermore – or at least, until polling day.

Read on to see what I found when I went back to look…

0 thoughts on “What did I previously think about Brian Paddick?

  1. As he’s trashed your previous commitment to a higher congestion charge on 4x4s we can obviously assume your role as party spokeswoman on London is null and void.