Well done Steven Spielberg

Impressed to see in the news today that Steven Spielberg has pulled out from his role in the Beijing Olympics because of the Chinese Government’s failure to do enough to influence the Sudanese Government, which is continuing to oversee horrific atrocities in Darfur.

His willingness to speak out stands in stark contrast with Gordon Brown – who, as on so many other issues, seems afraid of taking a clear stance and leading the way – and hence the failure to put serious extra pressure on China in his recent visit there. As it’s dear old Gordon, perhaps the best we can hope for is for him to set up yet another of his reviews to go away, ponder for a long time and then come back to tell him what to do!

0 thoughts on “Well done Steven Spielberg

  1. Lloyds TSB should be sued for having traded with Sudanese Government, secretly facilitating transfers of cash to their US Agent Banks, Lloyds TSB offered $300m to the US Court for the fraud they were responsible for, dealing with Libya and Sudan.