Highgate – Lib Dem Rachel Allison clears up Haringey's mess

The Lib Dem candidate in the Highgate by-election has today taken direct action in a bid to clear up Highgate.

Rachel Allison, along with Highgate councillor Bob Hare, has removed a dumped bicycle chained to the railings in Wood Lane, which was causing a long-standing eyesore for Highgate residents.

Using an angle-grinder, Rachel Allison and Bob Hare removed three locks, as well as the remains of two bikes, including one case where just a single wheel remained.

Cllr Hare says that the bikes were gradually disappearing, piece by piece over a long period. The pair were praised by local residents for their stand.

Liberal Democrat Highgate ward candidate, Rachel Allison, comments:

“I am pleased that this eyesore has been removed, and delighted to lend a hand, though it’s shame that Haringey Council didn’t take action themselves.

“If elected on 6th March, I will be making it my top priority to clear up this sort of mess.”