Anger at further wait for delayed Haringey Council parking plans

Parking chaos continues for residents in Crouch End following further delays by Haringey Council over the promised start of a key local consultation.

Parking boss Cllr Brian Haley told representatives of Crouch End residents’ groups in December 2007 that a draft plan to alleviate the parking problems would be presented in January 2008. The area’s Liberal Democrats are concerned that delays to the start of consultation will hold up the implementation of solutions to the parking problems.

Last summer, local Lib Dems highlighted the parking misery endured by Crouch End residents inundated with cars displaced by parking restrictions in nearby roads after the implementation of Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) in Highgate, Stroud Green and in Hillrise (Islington) and also Stop n Stop schemes in the area, coupled with the temporary closure to the Highgate station car park.

Cllr Lyn Weber (Crouch End) comments:

“Haringey Council only seems to have excuses, not solutions to this problem.I thought we had made good progress. A lot of good will had been built up between resident groups and Haringey Council who were working together to find a solution. How do Haringey respond – with excuses and delays. How long will it be until residents have a solution?

“Last August we found out that people in Crouch End faced seven months of parking misery. Now, due to the inaction of this Labour-controlled council this is likely to be longer.

“There is also the ongoing cost: to the environment with cars circling like vultures for spaces to park in, residents’ stress levels are rising, family life is being disrupted and small businesses don’t want to go to areas blighted by no parking spaces.All we get is excuse after excuse: it’s just plain wrong.”

Cllr David Winskill (Crouch End) adds:

“Although I am a cyclist I can sympathise with the difficulties that residents face. It’s impossible for people to park. Had Haringey talked to other boroughs about their experiences of the effects of CPZs we might not have been in such a mess.”