Anger at secret Haringey Council deal on Hornsey Community Centre

Hopes that a badly-needed community centre can be re-opened for use by residents have been dashed by a secret Haringey Council plan to turn it into a builder’s depot.

Hornsey’s local Liberal Democrat councillors and residents have been campaigning to get the community centre, on the Campsbourne Estate, back into use. However, it has now been revealed that Haringey Council have secretly given the community centre away to be used by building contractors for the next five years.

Mystery surrounds Haringey Council’s secretive deal, as repeated requests by Lib Dems to confirm the proposals have been ignored. However, residents have reported that contractors’ staff have already started to plan the refurbishment of the site. The Liberal Democrats are appalled at lack of public involvement in this process which has resulted in an important community asset being taken from local residents.

Following years Haringey Council neglect the Campsbourne Community Centre was forced to close several years ago. Unconfirmed reports say that Haringey Council plan to give the centre to building contractors involved in the Decent Homes project. However, the project is yet to start and is likely to take five years to complete.

Lib Dems are writing to the Leader of the Council demanding a stop to these plans.

Cllr Robert Gorrie (Hornsey) comments:

“The contempt for which Labour seems to hold residents and their views is quite breathtaking. There is a desperate need for proper community facilities in the area, especially ones accessible to young people.

“Since December, I have made several written requests to the Labour cabinet member responsible for housing for a discussion with residents on this important issue. These have not even been acknowledged and yet we now have reports that builders staff are actively investigating the site.

“Haringey Council has indicated its lack of concern for the young people of Hornsey by apparently giving away a potential Community Centre to a building contractor. It is unacceptable.”