What I'll be up to on Friday on Facebook

Had an invite on Facebook to take part in Brian Paddick’s ‘Facebook Friday’. The idea is to get supporters of Brian (like myself!) at our computers on Friday to have a mass drive to invite people we know to sign up as fans of his on Facebook.

I have no idea how many people are likely to get signed up this way – but it’s got to be a good idea to use such a popular medium as Facebook to try to connect more people with Brian, and indeed with politics in general – especially in a city such as London with such a huge number of people using Facebook, particularly amongst the younger part of the age range, where there is usually less interest in conventional party politics.

My own personal experience is that many people have a negative view of politics and politicians overall, but give them personal contact with a politician and they very often (though not for all politicians!) end up with a much more positive view of that person.

It’s the personal contact that really matters. Social networking sites like Facebook have a useful role to play in making those personal contacts – which is one reason why I’ve been using it myself for a while now. So – let’s hope Friday is a success!

If you’re intending to vote for Brian, I hope you too sign up as a fan of Brian Paddick on Facebook on Friday (and if you’re not on Facebook, you can sign up on his website).

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  1. Robert Preston, Associate Editor, Sunday Telegraph says about Lynne Featherstone, ‘One of the things I have to say I am impressed with her about – she does take local issues extraordinarily seriously.’ Also Guardian speaks very high about her. Several other news papers have mentioned her as a rising star. I think I will take her advice and sign up the support request. However, it did not work last two times in the Lib Dem leadership contest!!