Channel 4 political awards

They are being broadcast tomorrow night (Sunday), but were recorded during the week. So on Wednesday it was a matter of dashing off from a meeting with Nick Clegg and Brian Eno (who has agreed to advise the party on youth issues) to the recording – which was enjoyable.

Having been nominated just after arriving at Parliament in the Rising Stars category (only done once per Parliament) and lost to Michael Gove, I can tell you that it is far more pleasant sitting there not having been nominated and therefore not having to have a camera stuck in your nose when they announce the winner – when just like the Oscars you clap wildly and ensure fixed grin remains on face.

Always a really well-attended do with lots of the great and the good and celebs. Cheeky Girls – needless to say with Lembit in tow, Jeremy Irons and Angela Rippon – to name but a few. I sat next to Michael Cockrell who confessed to having omitted making any of his documentaries about Lib Dems since the year dot. I offered to remedy this omission by sending him some ideas – and I will do Michael!

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