What do I get up to in Parliament?

Lynne Featherstone asking the Prime Minister a question in ParliamentIt’s a while since I’ve mentioned www.hearfromyourmp.com – one of the excellent services run by Tom Steinberg and co from www.mysociety.org. Its basic idea is to make it much easier for members of the public to find out what their MP has been doing – so whether you are a constituent of mine or not, I do encourage you to sign up in order to, as it says on the tin, hear from your MP at www.hearfromyourmp.com

One of the other sites that team runs is www.theyworkforyou.com – a now near essential way of getting information on what’s been going on in Parliament (and in many ways better than Parliament’s own site). One thing to mention in particular – you can sign up to be emailed with details of when I speak in Parliament, ask a question etc. It’s on this page.