Massive response to Jacksons Lane Community Centre petition

Whoosh! Over four hundred people have already signed the petition to save Jacksons Lane Community Centre. Thank you to everyone who has signed so far, whether online or through the petitions we’ve been distributing in the area. If you’ve not signed yet, please do add your name – just have to click here and fill in the online form.

Highgate councillor Neil Williams and I feature in the Journal’s coverage of the story this week, which you can read here.

0 thoughts on “Massive response to Jacksons Lane Community Centre petition

  1. Well done Lynne! I am glad you are mobilising as many people to this cause! When I was a trustee with them, I recall the important work they conducted and various activities there. They are now planning to involve young people in the governance, by formulating a young person’s panel…. hopefully soon…. this shows how eager they are to improve their services. Well done again! We may have our political indifference, but it is always good to agree on some local issues…. right?