Have you thought of being a firefighter?

Women Lynne Featherstone MP meeting firefighters and local parentsat the school gates are a goldmine of talent, enterprise and skill – but they sometimes need an extra helping hand on the road from where they are back into the working world. I faced the same. I was at home (albeit working from home) for years whilst my children were young – and it’s a real challenge. Well – Women Like Us is an organisation that set out to help address this pool of unused talent – and has been sooooo successful that they are now working with around 3,000 women on their books, are used by big companies to recruit staff and so on.

Yesterday the Fire Service had a women’s recruitment team and fire engine come to Campsbourne School at close of play so that mums collecting their offspring (and it is overwhelmingly mums, not dads) could meet and talk with fire fighters about such a potential career. It’s a good one. Always a local station near home – and a really interesting career. Not just fighting fires – obviously – that’s about 2% of the job. Much of it is community-based fire prevention, teaching, talking and training.

The kids loved the engine, the fire hose and the uniform and we all had a great time. Hats off both to Women Like Us for the real inroads they are making and the possibilities they are bringing to women’s lives and the women firefighters – who were not only inspirational – but great fun to talk to.

UPDATE: local coverage of the story here.