Just how powerful is George W Bush?

After Dome of the Rock, Jerusalemtheir escapades in Iraq, George W Bush and Tony Blair don’t make the most likely duo to bring peace to the Middle East. But as they say – truth is stranger than fiction, so who knows what they will achieve!

It’ll be interesting to see just how much power Bush and American can really wield in the Middle East – because it is Bush’s desire for a peace deal by the end of the year, and consequential political legacy for him as he leaves office, that is driving this latest attempt.

There’s been no big change in office in the key countries in the Middle East, nor a major change in policy by any of the players there, nor even some cunning new plan to save age old problems.

Rather this new peace attempt is really all being driven by Bush deciding he wants to give it a go – which means, hopefully, we will see just how much influence the US can exert when it really wants to.

And whilst I certainly don’t always wish President Bush and his attempts to wield power around the globe luck – let’s hope this time US power is truly mighty and opens up the door to peace where so many other attempts have failed.

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  1. Just how powerful is George W Bush? Certainly more powerful than any British politician to say the least, name me one person who has a more powerful voice in world affairs- no cheating- don’t say me LOL 🙂 apart from me, is there anyone else? Mash