Good news on the 210 bus

Excellent Photograhp of a bus lanenews has just come through about the 210 bus route – it’s going double-decker. That means more space on the buses, hurrah!

This will kick off on 16th February. It’s a shame that it has taken Transport for London so long to respond to the issue – but credit where credit is due, they have now.

0 thoughts on “Good news on the 210 bus

  1. I think you mean the 603? Yes – progress in that Peter Hendy, Commssioner of Transport, has said that he will look at this when the route is reviewed. Already campaigning on this – and many, many local residents have contributed responses which I have sent to Peter so that he can see the very real demand for an extension of the hours throughout the day and evening.I raise it every time I get the chance and will do so again on Wednesday when I will be seeing him.