Jacksons Lane Community Centre: action needed to secure its future

I’ve Lynne Featherstone MP with Cllr Bob Hare and Cllr Neil Williams at Jacksons Lane Community Centrejust demanded a meeting with Arts Council London to try to secure the future of Jacksons Lane Community Centre – one of our much-loved local resources that has provided so much to residents of Highgate, Archway and beyond.

Organisers at the centre were told in December that its £125,000 annual grant may be cut this year. And without that grant the centre, which has already endured nearly a year of closure, may have to close permanently. Not good!

The problem is that Arts Council London has questioned the commitment of Haringey Council to the centre – not surprising given the delays in funding repairs after roof damage in January 2006 and also Haringey Council’s failure to provide a long lease – which meant the centre missed out on applying for a £1 million grant.

But the annual grant is absolutely vital to the future of the centre and I will not see it disappear without a fight.

0 thoughts on “Jacksons Lane Community Centre: action needed to secure its future

  1. The Jacksons Lane Community Centre operates an inclusive open door policy, encouraging all fragments of the local community to take advantage of programmes available. The Trustees and staff collectively achieved the restoration of this historical community centre, which seeks to bring every part of this community together.Undoubtedly, all political parties should ardently oppose the closure of Jacksons Lane. A local campaign should be initiated to safeguard an important landmark in our community, precisely as it serves as a centre for the wider community. The campaign should ensure that Arts Council reassess their decision and directly consult with service users of Jacksons Lane. Or alternatively, to widen this consultation into the wider community.