A word conundrum for Christmas

Christmas treeWell – so far so good. I just love this moment, when I’ve got through all the preparation. I have done my shopping, bought my presents and the Christmas fare.

(Digression: can never understand why food is called ‘fare’ at Christmas. A bit like on the radio some host was saying why do we say ‘merry’? We don’t say Merry Birthday or Merry New Year.)

I’ve been watching all my Christmas movies (if anyone has a real feel-good, tear jerker of a Christmas movie that I might not know about – let me know). I have: both Miracle on 34th Streets, It’s a Wonderful Life, Scrooge (Alistair Sim), Scrooged, The Muppets Christmas, Nightmare Before Christmas, Love Actually and Prancer. So – new suggestions welcome. (I have seen the Elf and Santa Clause movies – but not so keen).

My favourite Christmas song is Fairytale of New York. My favourite Christmas movie is Love Actually. I absolutely love it all. I stay home with my two daughters and close the door on the outside world. My sister and her family come round for a drink on Christmas Day – but that’s it for socialising. It is a very precious time.

Even blog postings will inevitably diminish now until the New Year. So enjoy the rest. Be happy. Peace on earth and goodwill to all – still works for me! Merry Christmas.

0 thoughts on “A word conundrum for Christmas

  1. Kingsley Amis, in “The King’s English” (1997) writes:”Merry Christmas. Th[is] form of words… is the correct one, so… never print or write what many now do, ‘Happy Christmas’. ‘Merry’ means among other things ‘given over to merrymaking or becoming merry, perhaps with the assistance of alcohol’, a festive interval in the yearly round… In the past you went on to wish somebody ‘a happy and prosperous New Year’. Unlike ‘merry’, ‘happy’ connotes a settled state, one that might well last a whole year.”I’m not sure I would be so prescriptive, but it’s an explanation.

  2. Merry Christmas To Lynne Featherstone and Hornsey adn Highgate liberal thinking people -clearly the majority !.I voted for Nick Clegg and he will I am certain, take the Party up the Poll ratings in 2008, with his clarity on policies and importantly,easy to understand for the man and woman on the local bus, language.The reason I voted NG is that he does have `verve’ etc. but he also has energy and will yet prove to be not just a future PM next time but will be an epoch breaking International Statesman in the mould of national acclaim as Palmerstone or Gladstone!In Walthamstow we have all been out Delivering our Focuses and with Calenders to follow in early New Year!I have also written a 4000 word essay aka Birbeck and read a recommended copy of the excellent Richard Reeves biopic on John Stuart Mill-Victorian Firebrand (2007) Atlantic and predict that this one should be spread like butter!My patient family at Home are again regaled by all Scottish favourites including Andy Stewart classics, to behold in the `First Foot’! Happy New Beer! Cllr Patrick Smith Higham Hill/LBWF