Rubbish and recycling collection times in Haringey (updated)

Lynne Featherstone and Ed Butcher recycling
(Note: the first version of this post was based on what Haringey Council said on the phone. Turns out they got it wrong, so here’s the correct information. Apologies to anyone bemused by the first version.)

Normal Collection Day / Holiday Collection Arrangements
Monday 24 December / Normal collection
Tuesday 25 December / Saturday 29 December 2007
Wednesday 26 December / No collection this week
Thursday 27 December / No collection this week
Friday 28 December / Normal collection
Monday 31 December /Normal collection
Tuesday 1 January / No collection this week
Wednesday 2 January / Normal collection
Thursday 3 January / Normal collection
Friday 4 January / Normal collection

0 thoughts on “Rubbish and recycling collection times in Haringey (updated)

  1. That is not what Haringey say!Acording to the Monthly “magazine” there are collections on both Monday 25 & 31 Dec the tuesday collection is on Sat 29.The Haringey web site as of 12.05 today confims this Who is accurate?

  2. The Council information is correct. Monday collections on 24 and 31 December. No collection on 25 December but additional collection on 29 December.

  3. My post was what the council said over the phone – but as you’ve spotted, it’s not what they’ve said elsewhere! Looks like the phone information was wrong – I’ll update the post – and thanks for the comments.