Park crime figures show why we need to keep Parks Police

I’ve written before about Labour’s plans to axe the Parks Police here in Haringey. Well – the latest figures for crime in our parks show exactly why they should be kept!

Also in sobering local news this week was the estimate that up to 50 people will die of fuel poverty this winter in Hornsey and Wood Green – another good reminder, if one were needed, of the need to publicise the Warm Front Scheme to people who could benefit from it. In the scheme’s own words:

If you need help paying for heating and insulation improvements in your privately owned or rented home, you, your partner or civil partner may be able to get money from the government’s Warm Front grants scheme if, for example, you’re receiving income or disability-related benefits.

On a happier note, this week I visited Royal Mail staff in Hornsey to thank them for their efforts with the Christmas post, whilst in international news – the news about new funding for the World Bank reinforces the point that changes in policy are needed too.