Christmas carols with the Highgate Choral Society

Completely uplifted!

Went to the Advent Anthems and Christmas Carols in St Michael’s Church in Highgate Village. This was the Highgate Choral Society’s Christmas concert. It was just lovely as the voices swelled to such strength and volume; the beginning of Christmas for me really!

There are 230 members of the Highgate Choral Society – and about 130 of them were singing for us tonight. We are lucky to have such a local group with a national reputation.

I became a patron of the Choral Society earlier this year, and tonight I got talking to one of the other patrons, Lord Jenkins of Roding – who told me in the interval (mulled wine and mince pies) that he had been a councillor on Hornsey before it became part of Haringey Council. I never knew that! Anyway – well done to everyone involved – as it takes a huge amount of work to stage such an event so successfully.