Dismay as Labour votes to cut residents out of planning visits

Lib Dem councillors have expressed their outrage as Labour members of Haringey’s Planning Committee this week voted through new rules which will exclude members of the public from attending site visits concerning planning applications in their local area.

The new protocol relating to site visits limits the attendees of site visits to council officers, councillors and developers. In exceptional circumstances, local residents would be permitted to attend but only if the Labour Chair of Planning agreed.

The new rules, which have been drawn up without any input from opposition councillors were forced through by the 5 Labour members of the committee despite Liberal Democrats urging a delay so that there could be a proper discussion of the proposed changes.

Councillor David Beacham (Alexandra ward) comments:

“This makes a mockery of Haringey claiming to be a listening council. If a government inspector holds a site visit for a planning application appeal, members of the public affected by the decision are allowed to be present. Haringey should adopt this gold standard.”