Andrei Lugovi earns immunity

One particular piece of bad news from Russia’s Parliamentary elections: Andrei Lugovi, the man suspected of murdering ex-KGB agent (and constituent of mine) Alexander Litvinenko – was elected, and so now has Parliamentary immunity.

Not good news for those of us who want to see the case come to court and him either convicted or cleared depending on the evidence – either way, a court case would give the chance for justice to be done.

0 thoughts on “Andrei Lugovi earns immunity

  1. Does it make any practical difference if he was already constitutionally protected from extradition to the UK anyway?

  2. So, I wonder: is he “Andrei Lugovi” or “Andrew Lugovoi”? šŸ™‚

    (More or less correct spelling is “Andrey Lugovoy”, BTW).

  3. @Paul: in theory, there is a difference: this make him immune from persecution in Russia (unless deputies of GD revoke him immunity, of course).

    However, because there are still no evidence of him doing something criminal, except unconfirmed claims – I don’t think he must worry at all.