Liberal Democrats welcome Labour retreat over Alexandra Palace

The Liberal Democrats in Haringey have welcomed a humiliating Labour climb down over their attempts to make politically motivated appointments to a key Ally Pally body – but have criticised the waste of time and money poured into these manoeuvres.

Last night, Haringey Council voted to appoint a further Lib Dem member to the Ally Pally Trading Company Board (APTL), despite calling a special meeting only last Thursday to appoint a Labour member.

Liberal Democrat Leader Cllr Neil Williams comments:

“I welcome this climb down. We have demanded fairness and through intense pressure, we have achieved it. However, what has this cost the taxpayer? The Trust was taking legal advice only last week on whether it could get away with stuffing the board with Labour members. It is the latest in a long line of waste at the Palace.”

The Lib Dem leader added that he was not satisfied with the answers over ongoing costs to taxpayers as a result of the current predicament at the Pally and he would continue to pursue the issue:

“I am not satisfied that the taxpayers’ interests are being protected here. All these extra costs fall on the Haringey taxpayer, and action needs to be taken. The figure is already a million pounds and rising.”