How the DNA database threatens innocent people

I’ve written before about the dangers in the government’s rather cavalier attitude to innocent people’s DNA records – and today’s news from the Telegraph is a salutary warning that these are not just theoretical problems:

Thousands of people could be accused of a crime they did not commit as a result of errors in records on the national DNA database, it emerged last night.

In the past year, more than 100 possible inaccuracies in the documentation of DNA profiles have been discovered, and a further 1,500 administrative mistakes have been logged on the system.

The full article is over on their website.

0 thoughts on “How the DNA database threatens innocent people

  1. Gosh! So that’s 1600 errors found in 4,500,000 records, or about 0.03%!A government department with a 99.97% accuracy record? I don’t believe it! There must be many more errors, and a systemic failure of the checking process to be missing them all like this. If I were you, I would demand a government target to find at least 10% of records to be in error, or their budget gets cut.Lies, damned lies, and government statistics…