Radio 4 interview on blogging

Am doing an interview with Radio 4 today about politicians and blogging. It’s for the PM program tomorrow – and, as this is their interactive edition, you can see the work in progress on this story over on the Radio 4 iPM website. I think this means the interview will be broadcast tomorrow too, sometime after 5:30pm – so listen out!

0 thoughts on “Radio 4 interview on blogging

  1. A Member of Parliament (MP)is answerable to their constituents, and therefore we should closely and carefully scrutiny and challenge our MP at every opportunity. For instance, we should register our concerns and grievances and lobby our MP on important issues. I approach this whole idea of MPs blogging as a useful accountability tool for MPs to impart their weekly work to the people they were elected to represent. To be frank, it is useful to trail an MP and scrutinise their every move, purely to ensure they represent the interest of the constituents. Anyway, why do you blog Lynne? Is it to promote your party or to share the weekly working at the local MP? I see a mix of both in your blog!Thanks