Liberal Democrat concern over traffic calming measures in Stroud Green

Traffic calming measures in seven roads in Stroud Green are unnecessary and are likely to cause unwanted noise and vibration at the cost to the taxpayer say the area’s Liberal Democrat councillors.

They are concerned that speed humps earmarked for Albert, Lorne, Marquis, Osbourne, Beatrice, Dagmar and Cornwall Roads, part of proposals to reduce speed in Victoria and Florence Road, are not suitable. Lib Dems are asking local residents for their views on the issue.

Cllr Richard Wilson (Stroud Green) comments:

“Speeding and rat-running is a problem in Victoria Road and Florence Road, and a 20mph zone and speed humps will help. But installing speed humps in the shorter roads is not the answer. It is likely to pose more problems than solutions.

“It would be a total waste of time and money to install these speed humps in roads that do not suffer from the same problems as the larger roads. All it would do is create noise and vibrations that residents would not want.

“Once again the Labour Council seems unable to understand the consequences of their actions. It is another example of Haringey Council dictating to residents rather than asking those that live in the area what would be best for them. I have asked residents to contact me to see whether they believe that these are needed.”