Brian Paddick to stand for London Mayor

Got text message yesterday that Brian Paddick has won the selection for our London Mayoral candidate. This is great news – just as it was a real coup when he decided to throw his hat into the ring for this contest.

No doubt there will be lots of ‘stuff’ about Brian – but he is the real deal. And I think Londoners will be impressed with him – and for good reason. You don’t get to be Deputy Assistant Commissioner in the Met for nothing and secondly – he really demonstrated the courage of his convictions in terms of fighting for better drugs policy and actually understanding the real issues around communities and policing. So – go Brian. I think this will set the contest alight. Brian is a real contender.

I read in The Times this morning that he will publish his autobiography a short while before the polling day for London Mayor. And that it will tell all. Controversial – I’m sure it will be. But the person who leads London had better not be frightened of controversy and really fighting for London. Ken Livingstone pretty much stopped fighting when he went back into the Labour Party. He’s lost his spark and his oomph. Brian Paddick is more than a match for Mr Livingstone!

0 thoughts on “Brian Paddick to stand for London Mayor

  1. Lynne, the Lib Dems firstly need to get their facts correct regarding their own candidate. Brian has never been Deputy Commissioner, he has been the Deputy Assistant Commissioner, a rank below. I though you would of known the Met’s internal ranks as a former member of MPA hahhahaha……Secondly, I have met Mr Brian Paddick, former DAC in the Metropolitan Police Service, who will certainly serve as an enormous challenge to Ken and Boris. Oviously, Boris will win, but Brian will certainly win the hearts of many Londoners. Anyway, keep the facts correct innit hahhahah

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