Supporting women in business

The Women's Company lunch in Crouch EndI went to The Women’s Company Crouch End lunch recently. Forgot to blog about it – but don’t want it to go unblogged as it is a really important network for local women who have their own business (be that a one woman band or big enterprise) to get together and see what the issues are, network and be mutually supportive.

The group is organised very ably by Veronica Peck (pictured standing behind me). It was a lively meeting – comprising all sorts of businesses and services including a funding specialist, a specialist family lawyer, US investment adviser, health & lifestyle advisers, designers and so on.

We all chat as we come in over a drink – and then sit with a delicious buffet lunch and talk with those nearest us. Then there is an opportunity for each woman to stand up and in a couple of minutes say what her business is about, what she can offer and so on. That was fascinating – and I am always staggered at the ingenuity and inventiveness – and sheer determination – of women to get on. Despite children, often being carers of older parents, or whatever – women work their lives around and STILL manage to get out there and compete in the business world.

So – if anyone out there is interested just log on to and you will find your nearest local group. It’s a very heartening and inspiring network!

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  1. They would do better if they made their podcast available in either Flash or Quicktime format. At present it’s only available for Windows. The traditional macho comment is that Apple Macs are for women and gays. Obviously they aren’t for the Womens Company They should give their web designer a handbagging….

  2. I applaud your group for everything you’re doing. It is so important for women to pull together and share ideas. It is that camaraderie which will help us women keep moving forward in this male dominated industry. And buffet lunch… mmmm… i’m hungry. :)Well… there are companies out there taking notice of the women entrepreneurs. Do you wanna start your own business? Because there is a contest going on right now called “Make Your Dreams Come True with Mirassou”. They will be awarding one aspiring business woman $50,000 plus a team of highly professional consultants to help kick start your business! Visit for more info and to enter. The deadline to enter is December 15, 2007. I work with them so I just wanted to give you the inside scoop!