0 thoughts on “Vince Cable on the TV today

  1. Once I would have switched my vote had I had one (not quite 21): the year of Harold Wilson’s first victory. Things went well for a while: new jobs in technology, new prosperity, new music. But the underlying weakness in British industry was not dealt with. Next time I came back to the family Liberal tradition. Today the Tories have it easy: they can claim to be in favour of better services without having to show, for at least 2 years, how or if they would make things better. Gordon has not (yet?) shown how he will bring in the improvements that the widespread hints suggested he wants: dealing with the underlying weakness in management of the public sector. More local democracy is useless when we are only offered a change from one poor lot to another.From a much much more distant position than Lynne, I echo the bit about Vince Cable doing well. Sadly, in today’s curious climate, he just looks too old – otherwise he should have stood for the leadership. But away from that to where we are: LDs are missing a trick by not working out how to really improve public service delivery and then trumpeting it (and applying it where they can). Not in order to go for running the country (as Nick seems to want), but in order to help create a further LD surge at local Council level (as well as trying to raise the quality of debate at the centre).As one observer in the pub said, we no longer believe anything that any of them tell us. It takes a while to overcome that, but neither Lab’s govt nor Con’s shadows have got started on it.