Nick Clegg gives it some welly

Credit where it’s due – Nick (Clegg) gave his Home Affairs Queen’s Speech some welly! I can’t see how the Government has the balls to try and bring back an extension to detention without charge. There is no evidence to demand it. You know – I don’t think there is a single MP in the House from any party who would not vote an extension if proper evidence was put before us demonstrating a genuine need.

And some silly twit on the Labour benches when Nick was espousing this mouthed the word ‘soft’. That is the type of rubbish that damages and plays politics with this issue – one of the most serious decision that we have to make: how to balance security and liberty. It is our responsibility as Parliamentarians to get the balance right. And it doesn’t help when idiot MPs rubbish anything other that auto-compliance with any and every request regardless of its merits.

And it doesn’t help that last time when they wanted 90 days they were essentially crying wolf and using a dodgy dossier of evidence. This time round, even Labour’s Home Secretary herself – Jacqui Smith – has admitted there hasn’t yet been a case where a longer period of detention would have been needed.

So – don’t treat us like children. Don’t sabre rattle. Don’t ask for more than you can prove is necessary! Then – we can work for a consensus. Consensus is NOT you say what you want and we agree. And being serious about reaching across the political divide to reach agreement doesn’t involve stupid mindless heckles.