Do I desire to be a WAG?

Did a program for Sky that I had never done before – but that may be because I think it is only a few weeks old. It’s really the web news and what the movers are – judged by clicks – and the web discussion topic of the day.

The discussion topic is WAGS and whether they are good role models. The WAG on the panel (in a different studio) was lovely – but when I was asked if I would be telling my daughters to emulate WAGS I had to say no.

I don’t want my daughters to be known or rated because of who they married. I don’t want them to think that looks and shopping are the be all of life (although I expect this is more media than WAG) and I want them to know that you have to work hard to get where you want to get. Forget this instant fame business.

And as for role models – I chose Shirley Williams – but I’m not sure my daughters would agree with me!