Councillor takes matter into her own hands to sort out broken telecoms box

The ongoing failure by Haringey Council to force a media company to fix an unsightly telecoms box has prompted Crouch End Lib Dem councillor Lyn Weber to take direct action.

In July, Haringey Council ordered Virgin Media to repair the box, in Fairfield Gardens, Crouch End within two hours. Two months after, no action has been taken. Cllr Lyn Weber has now discovered after contacting Virgin Media herself that Haringey Council had given the incorrect location of the box.

“Unfortunately for residents this is symptomatic of many things the Labour Council say they will do, but don’t. They often fail, either to act upon problems at all or their work is shoddy. I cannot believe that the Council has repeatedly given the incorrect location. This issue that has been rumbling on for over a year. It is total incompetence.

“As always it is up to the Lib Dems to put right the mess the Labour Council leave behind.”