The Chocolate Factory

I haven’t really blogged much about the dreadful time the tenants of the Chocolate Factory – the wonderful artist colony – have been having (though see previous posting here). I won’t lay out the whole story – but the long and the short of it currently is that the tenants have been issued with new licenses for their tenancy which must be signed within seven days. If not they will be booted out.

I don’t know if this is the result of a panic because of the workshop with the London Development Agency scheduled for November 8th being almost upon us. It is almost as if Collage Arts don’t want the tenants to talk to the LDA whilst the contracts are not signed. Given that the meeting is partly to provide the tenants with an opportunity to inform the LDA of their unhappiness with the events at the Chocolate Factory – this seems very strange to me.

I have advised them to contact their solicitors as to whether it is legal and whether they can be bounced into signing by threats.

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  1. Busy week, Lynne. Definitely Huhne.There is another chocolate factory, and it is to be closed – unless the protests stop it. Fry’s chocolate factory (sorry: its Cadbury’s now) in Keynsham (spelt K E Y N… etc, as those who used to listen to Radio Luxembourg will know) is to be closed so that Bournville can keep going while a lot of the manufacturing goes to Poland. Lots of jobs to be lost, but Cadbury’s have at least said they will continue to support the sports club. The sports grounds are an important flood plain, so there is a good environmental reason to just leave well alone.