Shock £1.5m debt of Haringey schools uncovered

The true extent of the funding crisis threatening Haringey’s schools has come to light with figures showing that 19 local schools will end the year in debt totalling over £1.5m. The spiralling and uncontrolled crisis of the borough’s frontline educational finances, with deficits doubling over the past three years, was uncovered by an urgent Lib Dem question at last Monday’s full council.

The significant budget deficits give a further indication of the under-funding at the heart of the system and add to Lynne Featherstone’s calls for a fair funding deal for the borough. The current system sees local schools receiving on average £736 less per pupil because of Haringey being considered as outer London even though it suffers inner London costs.

Commenting, Councillor Gail Engert, Haringey Lib Dem Spokesperson for Children, Schools and Families says:

“This is clearly a cash crisis that only seems to be getting worse, and it is the children of this borough that are suffering.Labour council bosses have admitted there’s a serious problem locally but have been totally ineffectual getting their government to do anything about it.”

Lynne Featherstone MP adds:

“These are quite simply shocking figures that shows the real cash squeeze our local schools are now facing.The extra money we are demanding is not for fancy extras, but to make sure our schools can simply make ends meet.I await Gordon Brown response to my letter demanding action so our kids can get the best possible start in life without their teachers worryingwhether they will have enough money to buy books.”

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