Good news from China

I interrupt the current frenzy around the blogs about the Lib Dem leadership to bring you news from China – promising news from President Hu Jintao’s opening speech to the Communist Party’s congress.

He talked about the need for China to “promote a conservation culture” and “energy and resource-efficient and environment-friendly industries”. Of course words in speeches come more easily than action – but it’s good to see him setting out the need for China to become more green – and that should mean good news for our one, shared global climate.

0 thoughts on “Good news from China

  1. The overall tenor of the speech was most disappointing from a human rights and democratisation perspective.The CPC been paying lip service to environmental protection for years and a large number of Chinese cities are pretty seriously polluted. As you rightly suggest, action speaks louder than words. The words are warm but the actions continue to be lacking. China has generally looked to others to help it clean up it’s mess e.g. the EU and individual member states.

  2. Um. Just a mnior point. The NPC is an annual event. The delegates serve a five-year term.

  3. Anon – thanks for the correctionToby – agree that words don’t automatically need action, but the faction that is (it appears) on the up in Chinese Communist politics does seem (to me) to be giving the environment more emphasis, which is good even if not at a level where we say “great!”. Will also be interesting to see how the modest democratic noises play out in the internal politics.